Q: How do I upload images to the site?

A: Follow the simple onscreen instructions to make your own private gallery. To upload your images, it is recommended you create a gallery. This way you can share images with others and keep them for longer. Images uploaded to the Lightbox are removed after a few days of inactivity.

Q:Can I share images?

A: Yes, you can share images with friends in a safe private environment by inviting people via email to view them. Simply choose the share with a friend option in any of your galleries and follow the onscreen instructions. The invitee will be required to click on an email link, enter their email address and choose a password. They will then be able to view your galleries. If the invitee is already registered on the site, they merely have to use their existing login and password once invited to gain access.

Q:Can invitees share my images with others?

A: No, only the creator of the gallery has the right to share them.

Q:Do I have to register?

A: You are required to register to upload images to anything other than your Lightbox and or to save products to come back and edit later. You can register in the wizard during the gallery creation process.

Q:How many images can I upload?

A: The upload system limits you to no more than 50 images at a time. Though there are no limits to how many images you can have in your account or how many galleries you may have.

Q:What is the maximum image size?

A: The current size limit for images is 5MB. This is more than sufficient to create all our products in their highest quality.

Q:Why is it taking time to upload?

A: The upload time for your images varies greatly and is most dependent on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) upload speeds. Remember many ISP's have a much slower upload speed than download speed. Our image server support uploads up to 100MB per second which in most cases is more than 500 times the speed of an internet connection to guarantee the fastest uploads to all users. Typically it can take approximately 1 min per 1MB of upload on slower lines.

Q:Uploading tips:

A: Try and avoid uploading large images over 5MB as these are unnecessary unless you are making large format prints. * Maximum size is 5.5MB. Minimize the browser window and work on something else while files are uploading. * Organize your images into galleries or folders before upload. This will help save time searching for image online after. * If the upload stops due to an intermittent connection, take note of what image was uploading in the dialog box, click X (cancel) and restart the upload process for that image.

Q:How do I make a book?

A: Click on “Start my book” and follow the easy onscreen instructions. Start choosing the images you would like for your book, formats and start designing your book. Once you are happy with the design click on order and your product is added to a shopping cart. Once payment is made, your order(s) will be fulfilled and sent to your shipping address within 10 working days. All items in the shopping cart may be clicked on and edited later, so do not worry about losing your design or changing your mind. As long as you log in and access your shopping cart (simply click “Cart” on the upper menu on any page once logged in) you can always modify a design before final order.

Q:How do I add or choose images for my books?

A: You can either upload your own images or use images already on the site. To upload your own, it is recommended you create a gallery. This way you can share images with others and keep them for longer. To choose images, just add them to your Lightbox. All images you want to use in your products must be added to your Lightbox. The Lightbox is a selection of your favorite photos for use in your photoproducts.

Q:Can I save a design and come back later?

A: Yes, once logged in you will see a link in the right hand menu “Continue Last Design” This will open the last design you were working on. All images in your Lightbox and galleries are also kept but you must be logged in to have access to them.